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Founded by a collaborative group of industry professionals who are passionate about supporting and creating nature-based programs, Westcoast Nature Therapies & Learning Society is an inclusive non profit that provides services to all people, including LGBTQIA2S+ and all races, ages, cultures, and spiritual beliefs.


We aspire to promote innovation, education, collaboration and professional service delivery in any field of activity that leverages the animal-human connection and the natural environment around us.

our mission

who we are

  • Westcoast Nature Therapies & Learning Society provides marginalized individuals and groups with low cost or free counselling services to prevent and/or relieve mental health conditions under the supervision of our Clinical Supervisor, Cristina Rennie.

  • Safe and thoughtful spaces have been developed to support children, teens, and adults in seeking healing, inspiration and education.

  • Nature-based mental health services are offered to individuals and groups who are experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, autism, and those who have been impacted by trauma, abuse, chronic illness, or may have diverse physical abilities.

  • Services are provided at a vibrant equestrian property teeming with natural wildlife and foliage, and emphasizes the integration of horses into the therapeutic and learning processes to promote the horse-human connection and improve the overall wellbeing of humans.

  • We utilize evidence-based practices and adhere to our professional ethics (British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors and British Columbia College of Social Workers, and Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association) to ensure efficacy, quality and safety.




Westcoast Nature Therapies & Learning Society offers mentorship and educational opportunities to post-secondary interns and graduates who are doing their university practicum and require clinical supervision in trauma-informed therapies. Since 2010, clinical supervision has been a significant part of our activities and supports the development of new interns and graduates. We receive funding for clinical supervision (supervisors who support interns and new graduates) and these supervisors in turn oversee counsellors, social workers and interns on post-secondary practicums, as they provide support to some of our most vulnerable communities. Community support also comes by way of donated space, equipment, and therapeutic tools.


We have developed relationships with local Universities (University of the Fraser Valley) where we work together to develop research in our field to create an academic awareness of integrating horses in counselling.  We have developed, and will continue to grow, long-term relationships with universities that will follow the research programs over time to create sustainability and advance the knowledge and efficacy of trauma treatment on a global scale.

who we work with

community engagement

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We believe that collaboration is the key to sustainability and to widen our impact in the communities that we live, work and play in. We eagerly welcome opportunities to liaise with community agencies to develop innovative programs to further our reach and to advance the utilization of nature-based therapies in the community.


For more information:

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Both animals and humans are able to find sanctuary through Westcoast Nature Therapies & Learning Society. Horse and animal care practices are dedicated to the lifetime emotional and physical needs of the animals chosen to be partners in this work. As a “sensory friendly” facility, disruptive noises and distractions are kept to a minimum, and the organization is led by a team who is kind, compassionate, and open-minded.

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